HR Consultancy & Training

Welcome to Tabono

We specialise in strategic coaching and development activities to help build organisational strength and support individual perseverance in achieving outcomes and goals.


Our Logo and our name ‘Tabono’ is an African symbol meaning “The Paddles” and symbolises ‘strength & perseverance’. Our philosophy and values focus around this concept and we believe these can help organisations and individuals succeed. We also like to focus on performance excellence using elements of business process improvement, creative thinking, innovation and emotional resilience to give our clients the competitive edge.



Support for Small Businesses

Employment law is complex! You don’t want to break the law or face expensive tribunals but not all small businesses can afford full time HR support. We can provide you with professional HR services with up-to-date expertise whenever you require it.

Career Coaching

A career coach will help you to identify and achieve your personal career goals and ambitions.

A career coach helps to explore your present and design your future, by giving you more choice and resources to help you along the journey.